What is Turkey Famous for?

31 January 2022

Turkey is famous for many things, from the woven carpets, Turkish baths and bazaars to the sweet treats such as baklava and Turkish delight. Amazing destinations like the city of Istanbul to the rocky terrain of Cappadocia. Turkey also occupies the continents of Southeast Europe and Asia meaning it’s in a unique geographical position.

Turkey is a magnificent country steeped in history and culture and here are a few things it’s famous for.


This list of ‘what Turkey is famous for’ wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t a kebab on there. We all know what a kebab is and most of us have tried them before, but Turkey’s kebabs are the best. These days you can pretty much eat a kebab anywhere in the world, but the origin comes from Turkey.

The Evil Eye Souvenir

This white and blue souvenir is known as ‘Nazar’ and it’s a circular or eye shaped amulet that is used in Turkey to protect oneself from evil eyes. It’s typical in the Turkish culture and you will see this amulet in many places including in the home, car or office.


Turkish baklava is a must try Turkish sweet with layered pastry and often topped with a sprinkle of green crushed pistachios. This syrupy dessert is a staple in Turkish culture and very popular with those who visit and try it. Baklava dates back to the 15th century.

Turkish delight

This chewy sweet is common throughout Turkey and is served on holy days and often after prayer on Fridays. Turkish delight is made from sugar and starch and traditionally flavored with rose or lemon. Nowadays there are many different flavors and options available with nuts and dried fruits.


Believe it or not, hazelnuts are everywhere in Turkey. They are sold fresh or roasted or found in countless sweets and biscuits.
You can find hazelnuts in most shops or from vans in the streets. Turkey are the largest producer of hazelnuts in the world and Turkey is responsible for a whopping 80% of the world’s hazelnut production.

Turkish coffee

This very tasty coffee is an ancient tradition made famous by the Ottoman Empire. Its rich flavor is enjoyed by the Turks morning, noon and night. The Turks have a very specific method for their coffee and they only use finely ground beans. It must also have a thick froth on top and when you’re finished you can flip the cup and saucer and see what the future holds for you.


A famous destination in Turkey is Pamukkale with its amazing white travertine pools. This beautiful location is famous in both Roman and Greek history and has become a popular location among foreigners and locals. These hot spring pools are naturally crafted and are a wonderful experience. The layered pools have mineral- rich waters flowing down from terrace to terrace and because of its snow white appearance, this famous place in Turkey has been dubbed as ‘cotton castle’.


This fairytale like location is like something out of a storybook with cave houses and cobblestone roads.
Cappadocia is one of the most visited destinations in Turkey. The landscapes, weird pillars and mountain backdrops are simply breathtaking.
It’s now a well- established tourist hub and the top activity is the amazing hot air balloon experience which is what Cappadocia is best known for.
There are many other activities available, including exploring the terrain on horseback, quad biking, hiking through the historical streets, exploring the ancient history of this magical place, that dates back thousands of years, or simply staying in one of the cave hotels.

Turkey is a massive and influential country, politically, culturally and economically.
Turkey’s location was always fought over by the super powers of the world and for good reason.
Turkey is steeped in history it’s naturally beautiful and has a rich culture.
Turkey has so much to offer, and is famous for many more things that can be listed here.

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