Villa or Apartment The Pro’s and Con’s and Making the Correct Choice for your Lifestyle

8 February 2022

When purchasing a property the two most popular options that come to mind are villas and apartments.
Which suits you is a crucial decision, and you have to understand which is going to give you exactly what you want for your way of life and which will give you a better return on investment.

While both villas and apartments can have a wide range of facilities in common, such as swimming pool, gym, tennis courts and so on, villas do have their own benefits of a private garden and private swimming pool, whereas an apartment’s facilities will be shared with other people. Villas also have a more luxurious living space and much more privacy. The upkeep of your private facilities can be higher but the perks are worth every penny.

Apartments are a better choice for community living. You will share outside space and have a much more sociable life at home compared to a villa. There will always be someone around and someone to bump into. Villas however, are much more private and some people prefer their own space and a little more seclusion so villas are perfect for this.

If you own a villa, you will have the freedom to engineer your own designs and strategize your home exactly how you want it. In apartments however, there can be constraints in the context of space and size. You cannot expand your apartment beyond a certain measurement and may be forced to make do.

Another important factor to consider is security. Apartments have the benefit of someone normally being around because of the community aspect. Some apartment complexes have 24 hour security guards checking and verifying visitors which makes for a much safer living. Villas on complexes can also benefit from 24 hour security but, if the villa sits alone, security systems and cameras are a smart idea, due to the property being more secluded.

When it comes to space and living size, villas benefit from multiple floors and having much more moving space. Villas allow you to create storage rooms or utility rooms in your own home.
Also, a villa allows you to create your own perfect outside space where you can grow your own vegetables and have the exterior design exactly how you desire.

Another thing to consider is peace and quiet. Apartment living could mean hearing other people through the walls and footsteps overhead. Villas are the more peaceful option due to being a standalone property, the only noise you should hear is yours.

If, like a lot of foreign people who relocate to Turkey are animal lovers, owning pets is much easier with a villa. Many apartments are not pet friendly and some communities do not encourage sheltering of our furry friends.

In terms of maintenance and yearly costs, apartments are always going to be cheaper than villas, not only to purchase, but for the upkeep too.
Apartments usually have a monthly fee known as ‘aidat’ that covers things such as broken down elevators, swimming pool and garden maintenance. A villa also has maintenance for all the same items but the cost is solely the owners.
Apartments are more cost effective with lower spends after the initial investment.
Villas are a better long term investment when compared to apartments and yield better returns. Villa prices appreciate at a much higher rate than apartments.

There are many perks to both villas and apartments and both need careful consideration before any big decisions can be made. One must look at their lifestyle, and take into account all the pro’s and con’s beforehand and decide accordingly.

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