Turkish Soups You Must Try Whilst in Turkey

10 January 2022

Soups have held an important place in traditional Turkish cuisine for centuries, and definitely for more than other world cuisines. The Turks love soups and there is a wide variety available, cooked in different ways and according to different regions of Turkey.
In this blog we will learn about ten of the most popular Turkish soups that you must try that are found in Turkey.

Mercimek Corbasi (Lentil Soup)

This is a beloved Turkish soup made with red or yellow lentils, chicken stock, onions and carrots. It’s normally seasoned with salt, pepper, cumin and paprika.
It’s a filling soup and is normally consumed for lunch, dinner or even breakfast in rural parts of Turkey, especially in the local Lokantas.

Ezogelin Corbasi

This hearty, mint flavored soup is made with red lentils, bulgur, pepper paste and an array of Turkish spices.
The name Ezogelin comes from the story of an unhappily married woman named Ezo, who lived in the village of Dokuzyol near Gaziantep, in the early 20th century. Ezo used to make this warming soup in a bid to win over her mother in law’s heart.
This soup can be drunk as a starter or for breakfast. Ezogelin corbasi is traditionally prepared as soul food for young brides to be, in order to sustain them for married life.

Iskembe Corbasi (Tripe Soup)

This is the go to soup in Turkey for a hangover cure. It’s a traditional tripe soup made with tripe, milk, water, flour, butter and egg yolks. The soup is normally seasoned and finished with a red pepper, vinegar and garlic sauce giving it its bold flavor.

Yayla Corbasi

This soup is named after the Yayla mountain meadows of Northern Turkey, where the best quality yogurt is produced.
This is one of the most popular Turkish soups, made with long grain white rice, yogurt, butter, egg yolks, mint and red pepper flakes. This soup is used by locals to fight a cold due to the nutritious ingredients used.
Creamy, light and with a mild flavor, Yayla corbasi is served hot with red pepper flakes sprinkled on top.

Tarhana Corbasi

This soup is another popular Turkish soup made with Tarhana dough, crushed tomatoes, chicken stock, butter and red pepper flakes.
Some people choose to add ground meat to the soup but it’s just an option.
This soup is particularly popular on a cold winter’s morning.

Dugun Corbasi (Wedding Soup)

Traditionally Dugun corbasi is cooked in large cauldrons over an open fire before, during and after a wedding. It consists of chunks of lamb, onions, carrots, egg yolks, butter, lemon juice and paprika.
The soup is cooked slowly until the meat is tender and is then thickened with flour. It is served with melted butter and Turkish spices drizzled on top. This delicious soup has a rich lamb flavor with a tang from the lemon juice.

Isirgan Corbasi (Nettle Soup)

This wild nettle soup is another favorite for Turks because it’s simple to prepare and free!
Nettles grow everywhere, even in the city of Istanbul. The nettles are carefully picked just before they seed. In Turkey, potatoes can be added when the soup is cooked. Turkish people say that the potatoes are the body of the soup and give it a good texture.

Ayran Corbasi (Ayran, yogurt drink, Soup)

Ayran is an extremely popular and traditional yogurt drink that has been consumed by the Turkish people for thousands of years. The drink itself is very refreshing and healthy and the soup is no different.
It consists of yogurt, chick peas and barley. It’s a vegetarian soup and contains a great amount of protein.

Paca Corbasi (Trotter Soup)

This soup isn’t specifically a traditional Turkish soup but is common in the Middle East. The Turks however consume this soup uncontrollably.
It is made with lambs legs or head, and is cooked with garlic and hot pepper. If you are searching for this soup whilst out and about, you will see the lamb heads in the windows of local soup kitchens.
As with Iskembe soup, this is very helpful as a hangover cure.

Sultan Corbasi (Sultan Soup)

This soup is for those who are not watching their weight as it has a high amount of calories. It consists of chick peas, blanched almond, flour, egg yolk and heavy cream.
There are many different recipes for this soup but this is the popular version if ordered in a restaurant.

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