Turkish Herbal Teas and their Benefits

Turkish Herbal Teas and their Benefits
3 September 2021

Turkish tea provides some very important benefits, like keeping the body’s water balance, preventing the occurrence of cancer causing cells, overcoming insomnia and tension, benefiting the health of skin, boosting the immune system by five times, decreasing the risk of brain tumors, helping aid digestion, easing diarrhea and increasing kidney function.

Turkey has many practices that help people stay strong and healthy, including drinking natural herbal teas very often.
According to the World Tea Report compiled by the International Tea committee, Turkey took the first place for the highest consumption of tea. In 2019, 260.000 tons of tea was consumed in Turkey, and it’s not surprising when the Turks have a habit of drinking tea with breakfast all the way through the day until bedtime.

The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism introduced Turkish herbal teas from various plants, noting that some strengthen the immune system, while some are good for fighting disease.

Here’s a look at a few popular and very healthy Herbal teas available in Turkey.

Adacayi- Sage Tea

Sage originated from the northern Mediterranean coast where it was traditionally used in cooking.
Sage is in fact a member of the mint family and has many medicinal properties.
It is a stimulant, a diuretic and an expectant. It has anti- inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties and also serves as an appetite enhancer.
This delicious tea has a strong earthy taste and is often also drunk to fight off the common cold.

Papatya Cayi- Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is an herb that comes from daisy like flowers of the Asteraceae plant family, and has been consumed for many centuries.
Papatya tea is very fragrant and can be bought in teabag form or as dried flowers. This herbal tea eases insomnia, boosts your immune system and helps with menstrual cramps.
Many people enjoy chamomile tea as a caffeine- free alternative to black or green tea, and for its earthy sweet taste.
This herbal tea is loaded with antioxidants that help lower the risk of several diseases, including heart disease and cancer.

Dag Cay- Mountain Tea

Mountain tea (Sideritis) is a genus of flowering plants known for their use in herbal medicine as well as in herbal tea.
The tea is made from the dried flowers, leaves and stems of the plant which is found on rocky slopes over 1000 meters high.
It can also be called ‘Sari yayla Cayi’ in Turkish. The Turkish people often enjoy this tea with a spoonful of honey, lemon or cinnamon. It is caffeine free so can be enjoyed any time of the day.

Ihlamur Cayi- Linden Flower Tea

This tea is very popular during the winter time. The taste of Linden tea is light with a hint of lemon flavor.
Ihlamur tea is a relaxing tea for if you feel a little under the weather. In Turkey, this has been drunk for centuries and the Turkish people attest to its benefits. It has been proven to help relieve the common cold and can also help fevers.

It relieves stress and if you feel anxious or have a headache Linden tea can be beneficial. If you suffer from high blood pressure it is recommended to drink this herbal tea for its calming and relaxing properties.

Nar Cayi- Pomegranite Tea

Some of the best pomegranites in the world come from Turkey, so it’s no surprise that pomegranate tea is extremely delicious. Pomegranites contain lots of antioxidants, and this herbal tea has been shown to help chronic diseases, boost heart health, help with weight loss and reduce inflammation.
Pomegranite tea is a warming yet fresh tea, best drunk on an autumn or winters day.

Civan Percemi- Yarrow

This tea is a wonderful remedy for the flu or if you’re suffering from a fever. Yarrow is both an anti- inflammatory as well as being antimicrobial. It helps to reduce pain, can relax circulation and is also a mild sedative, so great if you have trouble sleeping.
The flowers are white and when steeped for 30 minutes create a very calming tea.

Yavsanotu Cayi- Speedwell

Studies have shown that Speedwell or Veronica tea may be good at preventing ulcers. It’s used in Turkey to ease coughs and congestion.
In modern day herbal medicine, this herbal tea can serve as a cough remedy or as a lotion for sore or infected skin.

Lavanta Cayi- Lavender Tea

This fragrant tea has many health benefits including supporting tired muscles, antiseptic properties, helps insomnia, aiding digestion, fighting inflammation, improves respiratory health, treats acne, eases headaches and restores cells in the body.
This tea is made from the purple buds which are dried. They have been used for centuries in traditional remedies.

Gul Cay- Pink Rose bud tea

This tea is collected from the Isparta region of Turkey which is the motherland of Turkish Rose.
This beautiful tea gives relaxation and helps to renew your body’s cells. The taste is very floral and sweet.

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