The Turkish Breakfast this You won’t be hungry after!

17 January 2022

Turkey is a dream for breakfast lovers. A traditional Turkish breakfast is an elaborate affair with a variety of dishes that’s normally squeezed onto a table for everyone to share and enjoy.

For Turkish families, breakfast is often a sit-down meal that involves spending quality time together, especially on a Sunday morning.

Many restaurants offer full breakfast menus including a ‘Koy Kahvalti’  (Village breakfast)

Prices are often very reasonable for the amount of food you get.

The typical Turkish breakfast will include many different types of bread, cheese, preserves, olives and other tasty morsels.

Bread is the main staple with options of normal ‘Firin Ekmek’ a baked loaf, ‘Simit’ a round bagel type break covered in sesame seeds or ‘Bazlama’ a round thick flat bread with a fluffy center.

Turkish breakfasts definitely aren’t an option for those on a diet!

The cheese options are made from goat, cow or sheep’s milk. A favorite is ‘Beyaz Peynir’ a white cheese comparable with feta cheese. Another to try is ‘Tulum Peynir’ which is very close in taste to a good English mature Cheddar.

Also included is of course green and black olives often drizzled with olive oil.

You will also see a bowl with ‘Kaymak’ a thick clotted cream with honey drizzled across the top. This is definitely worth a try. It’s delicious and extremely moreish!

Eggs also plays a big part in Turkish breakfast and are normally hard boiled, fried sunny side up or made into an omelette.

Sucuk can also be included. Sucuk is a spicy sausage with garlic and many spices like red pepper and cumin.

Alongside all of this, Yes, there’s more! you will be served lots of little bowls with various spreads, jams, dried fruit, walnuts, honey and butter.

Sometimes you will get the option of ‘boreks’ small pastries filled with cheese, potato, spinach or mincemeat. These are small rolls with filo pastry and stuffed with the filling.

Tea is always served with this feast of a breakfast, often coming in a large teapot for you all to share.

Turkish coffee is normally offered at the end of the breakfast if you can manage it.

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