19 January 2021

Not too many years ago the popular resort village of Hisaronu was just a small hamlet, lining the road that leads to Oludeniz from Fethiye, with a couple of small hotels providing cheap and basic accommodation to passers through.

 The last decade has seen amazing growth here though, thanks to two reasons: first to provide extra accommodation and services to Oludeniz, and second to provide accommodation for people wishing to hike the famous Lycian Way, which begins very close by.

Now, Hisaronu is just as popular as Oludeniz, and with its vibrant nightlife it’s actually a preferred destination for some holidaymakers who like to party! Whatever your reason for choosing a holiday in Hisaronu, you’ll find there’s always plenty to see and do in the surrounding region.

Hisaronu is calm in the day time lined with shops, restaurants, Cafes and bars. You will see lots of people selling boat trips to the 12 islands or jeep safaris. These trips are worth doing because both are great experiences. The night time however is when Hisaronu comes to life. With music and lights and a great atmosphere the main street is filled with tourists all wanting a good time. You will find bars, clubs and restaurants serving food from lots of different countries. You will be able to have your fix of Indian food, Chinese food and of course all the British favorites. There are lots of shops lining the streets which are well worth a browse round. The atmosphere is Hisaronu is amazing and the people and workers are all helpful and will do everything they can to make your time in Turkey pleasant. The restaurant service is top notch and you will go back to either your holiday home or hotel very happy and with a very full tummy!

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