The Best Destinations for Scuba Diving in Turkey

14 February 2022

Turkey is truly a top destination for scuba divers, with its vibrant and rich underwater world.
There are many diving spots available, from the crystal clear, warm and stunning Mediterranean Sea to the Marmara and Aegean Seas.
From all directions, the diversity of coral is simply breathtaking, and there are also plenty of shipwrecks and ancient ruins to be seen along with a massive diversity of sea life, both big and small.
The memories from Turkey’s underwater world will stay with you for a lifetime.
If you are a complete beginner in scuba diving fear not because there are plenty of diving centers where you can benefit from certified and professional instructors who will help you and make your first dive an unforgettable one.

Here are some of the best destinations in Turkey.

Fethiye’s Aquarium Cove is simply stunning, is full of marine life and promises a magnificent underwater experience.
The surrounded scenery is unbeatable, with this continuing under the water’s surface.
You can experience crystal clear waters and maybe even discover octopuses and Mediterranean Morays.

Marmaris has more than fifty diving spots, with fantastic wrecks to explore, ancient ruins and stunning reefs.
It’s also suitable for divers of all levels. The underwater world is magical and if you’re new to diving, licensed diving instructors are available to help you if needed.

Kalkan’s best diving spot is located in Kalamar Bay, where the waters are calm and still.
You can expect to see barracudas, octopuses, sea breams, rainbow wrasses and even sea turtles.

Kalkan is highly suitable for inexperienced divers as well. This destination is very popular and promises clear sparkling Mediterranean waters and lots to discover.

Gokova gets its name from ‘sky blue’ and you will understand why when you see it. It has beautiful waters that are simply the bluest you will see.
You can expect to see dusky groupers, dogtooth groupers and even large tuna during the autumn.

Kusadasi is a secret treasure of the Aegean, and is a very special destination for underwater explorers. There are no water currents here and the magnificent underwater rock formations are a must see.
You can find certified instructors if needed and the waters here have great visibility meaning you can get some fantastic underwater photographs of the amazing sealife.

Datca is a well presented destination with a pristine beauty. The water is extremely clean so visibility is good. The water temperature here is warm and many divers would agree that Datca is one of the most bio diverse diving destinations in the whole of Turkey.

Canakkale (Saros). This dive is not only classed as a reef dive, but also a wonderful historical journey. If you are someone who likes exploring underwater wrecks and history then Saros is for you. It’s a highly recommended destination.
The underwater currents guarantee the cleanliness of the cove, creating a great high definition experience. Saros is highly popular with amateur and experienced divers.

Ayvalik is a fantastic place for scuba diving, with lots of underwater life waiting to be discovered. The red corals are breathtaking and wonderful for those who wish to photograph under the surface.
This diving destination is perfect for first time divers and the more professional.
There are thousands of species of sea life waiting to be seen.

Kas (Ucan Balik). The name Ucan Balik comes from the wreck of the Italian torpedo plane that lies deep underneath the water’s surface. This dive is a real adventure but really more for experienced divers.
Predator fish such as groupers, dentexes, barracudas and amber jacks are often seen here. This dive is a challenge but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Bodrum (Big Reef).
This destination boasts crystal clear sea and a large coral reef. You will find starfish, sea urchins and many wonderful vibrant fish to photograph.

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