19 October 2020

A natural Beauty

Saklikent Gorge is one of nature’s wonders and a huge landmark for the region of Fethiye. Being 300 metres deep and 18 km long it’s one of the deepest canyons in the world and is located about 50 kilometres from Fethiye

Explore the long narrow pathways along the side of the canyon to an area where a decision must be made. Do you stop here and focus on the beauty within sight or do you or do you step into the freezing waters and continue on?

Of course you must explore further so you can experience this natural beauty to its full potential.

Some parts of the journey are narrow and require a bit of clambering over boulders and some parts are wide. Sometimes the water slowly trickles past and at other times it’s a torrent. The mud can be scooped up and rubbed over the body or it can be used to write messages of love or dates of visit and smeared on the canyon walls. These messages can be seen everywhere. The sun’s rays peak through cracks in the canyon and give the water and rocks distinctive colour’s.

As you desend further the Western world seems a million miles away and you realize the decision you made to continue to explore was a great one. The wet clothes and shoes will dry out but the memories of this wonderful experience will last a lifetime.

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