25 January 2021

Cars in Turkey are left hand drive and on the right side of the road similar to the USA.

Renting a car in Turkey is easy and many tourists drive here. You can rent a car online or from any of the many rental car offices around and in the airports.

In order to rent a car in Turkey you must be over 21 years old and should have a credit card issued in your name. You will also need a proof of identity, ideally a passport and a copy of your driving license. Nearly all rental companies will insist on a credit card when applying.

Renting a car in Turkey is relatively cheap but always best to have a look around online to get the best deals. In Turkey, the general speed limits are 50km/h for urban areas, 90km/h for rural areas and 120km/h for motorways. Any other speed limits will be marked by road signs along the route. If you do happen to be caught speeding fines will be issued to the rental company and you will pay them upon returning the vehicle.

Insurance is very important and it’s not hugely expensive to pay for full coverage on a rental vehicle and could be well worth it. If you don’t accept this additional coverage any small scratches or knocks will be charged to you upon returning the vehicle.

Driving in Turkey is fairly easy but be prepared to hear the horns of Turkish drivers especially when you are waiting at traffic lights. Don’t panic however because this practice is very normal and nothing personal.

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