Property Sales to Foreigners in Turkey surge in April 2021

Property Sales to Foreigners in Turkey surge in April 2021
4 June 2021

The number of properties sold to foreigners in Turkey have risen five – fold in April on an annual basis, the country’s statistic authority have revealed.
In the month of April, foreigners bought 4,077 properties, which is 416 percent up year on year, the Turkish statistical Institute have said in a statement. Last year 3,720 properties were sold in April to foreigners before the pandemic hit.
Total residential property sales in Turkey saw an increase of 124 percent during the same period.
A total of 95,863 houses changed hands last month, up from 42,783 in April 2020.
Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city by population, was the top location, with 2,009 sales last month to foreigners. This was followed by Antalya with 859 sales and the capital city Ankara, with 228 sales.
The largest share of house sales went to Iranians with 557 units sold during the month, followed by Iraqi’s with 546 units sold and Russians with 402.
In January- April, housing sales reached 358,913 while some 383,821 houses were sold in the same time period last year.
Turksat reported that house sales to foreigners rose by 19 percent on an annual basis to 13,964 in the first quarter of this year.

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