Olu Deniz Blue Lagoon Myths and Legends

14 March 2022

Olu Deniz blue lagoon or locally known as the dead sea because of its calm waters, even during storms is one of the most breath-taking places you must see in Turkey

Most of the Turkish coast is surrounded by myth and legend, and Oludeniz is no exception. According to local legend, the main beach in Ölüdeniz came to be called Belcekiz due to a heartbreaking love story of a local girl and the son of a sailor.

The story suggests that many years ago, a father and son used to sail along the coast and regularly stop-off in Oludeniz bay. The father used to drop anchor in the deep exposed waters of the bay and send his son to shore to fetch fresh drinking water.

During one of his trips to land, the son spotted a beautiful girl on the beach, and her name was Belcekiz. The two fell in love and each time the boy came to the bay, he would see his love, and they would dream of someday spending the rest of their lives together. Belcekiz showed the son the lagoon and pointed out its hidden entrance behind the rugged cliffs of the headland. But the son never told his father of its existence or of his feelings for Belcekiz.

Sometime later, on one of their trips to Ölüdeniz, a freak storm swept over the bay putting their ship in jeopardy. As the winds howled and the swell picked up, the son told his father of the lagoon and tried to get him to steer the ship towards the entrance. The father, having never heard of the place before, chose not to believe his son and thought the cliffs were too treacherous and steering towards them would inevitably destroy their ship. A scuffle broke out, and the father accidentally pushed his son into the sea where waves took him under.

The father was devastated, and as he desperately scanned the sea for signs of his son, the wind pushed the ship towards the cliffside where he saw the entrance to the lagoon. Belcekiz saw what happened from the cliffs overlooking the shore and became so distraught that she flung herself over the edge. This sad tale led locals to nickname the lagoon the “dead sea”. It also led to the stretch of the main beach becoming known as Belcekiz. Some even believe the many shades of blue around the sandbank are the tears of Belcekiz lighting the way to the entrance, and guiding ships to the safety of its inner depths.

Whatever you choose to believe a visit to the Blue lagoon is a must !

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