Life Aboard A Turkish Gulet

7 February 2022

Have you ever wondered what it would be like sailing around the Aegean coast aboard a traditional Turkish Gulet ? 

Well, this is definitely an experience that will stay with you for a very long time!

Turkey has some of the most magnificent coastlines, vast pristine beaches surrounded by olive groves, rocky crags and pine forests and remains of ancient civilizations with more than 5000 years of history, culture and mythology.

Gulet cruising appeals to everyone, sun worshippers, nature lovers, photographers, sailors, archeologists you name it absolutely everyone! 

First of all is choosing the size of the Gulet . Usually, they come with around 4-6 cabins which sleep up to 2 adults with en suite however depending on what you are looking for you can find bigger and smaller Gulets.

Also, it’s a good idea to ask what the atmosphere will be on board. Gulet cruises are very relaxed however there are some Gulet owners that do cater for the younger crowd who like to have lots to do in the daytime and maybe party at night so please make sure you have checked this.

Gulets usually provide 3 meals a day and afternoon tea, coffee and cake but usually any alcohol is not provided however you can purchase on board but there may be a limited choice.

Also, the itinerary will be important to you as many Gulets pass by ancient sites and dock in certain places or have overnight stays, enabling you to see the beauty not just from the ocean waves but form the surrounding area having a chance to see the most untouched areas of the Aegean.  

Once all of this is decided it is time to board.

The captain will introduce you to the crew who you spend the next few days with and you will almost certainly become friends, and go through the itinerary with everyone on board safety procedures, dos and don’ts on board and then it is time to set sail.

Gulet cruising is usually very relaxed however meals are at set times during the day and if you are not aboard at these set times you may miss your meal.

 Your chef on board will provided delicious freshly cooked local produce and traditional dishes that will tantalize your taste buds, but if you did want to take any extra snacks on board then of course this would not be a problem.

You will spend your days sailing along the beautiful turquoise waters and docking and swimming in beautiful bays, lazing on deck, taking an afternoon nap in the sunshine and lapping up the fantastic coastline or maybe visiting areas of interest on land if you fancy.

The nights are the best. You will get to know everyone on board, share stories and experiences with each other over dinner, have barbeques and fires on usually inaccessible coves and the best bit of all Imagine sleeping on the deck under the stars with only the moonlight shining down on you, it really is a surreal and tranquil experience that you will never forget and you will certainly connect with the other people on board and make friends for life.

Even though sailing on a Gulet is a very relaxing experience arriving back on dry land you may find yourself quite tired, maybe it’s because you have gotten used to the relaxation of life aboard a Turkish Gulet and you really have unwound, the best thing to do is look forward to your next one because once you have experienced a Turkish Gulet cruise you most certainly will want to experience it again and again and again!     

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