LAKE SALDA – The Turkish Maldives

22 February 2022

Situated in southwestern Turkey, nestled within the boundaries of Yeşilova district of Burdur Province, Lake Salda is often referred to as The Turkish Maldives due to its crystal-clear waters and pure white sand.

From a distance you would actually think you were approaching a very beautiful beach but in fact it is not sand that surrounds Lake Salda but Magnesium deposits which gives the sand its white colour.

Lake salda is set in a tectonic crater composed of a limestone like structure called stromatolic rocks. These rocks, which are also seen on the surface of Mars produce magnesium on the surface of the lake. The magnesium is what gives the sand its white colour.

Scientists find the lake very interesting because the mineral content of the lake is believed to be very similar to surface lakes found on Mars.

The hydromagnesite mineral found in the lake its self is believed to cure certain dermatological diseases and visitors have reported that their skin conditions have disappeared within a week after bathing in the lake also the sand of the lake has a beautiful claylike structure, great for the skin and ideal for a natural mud bath.

The lake is considered one of the deepest lakes in Turkey with a depth of 196 meters and the lake itself covers an area of 4370 hectares and is home to more than 100 bird species. It is one of the deepest, clearest and healthiest lakes in the world to swim in and one of the five award winning lakes in Turkey.

There are camping facilities and a few picnic benches however remember to take your own food and drink as there are not many cafes in the area. You can bathe in the crystal-clear waters at Beyaz Adalar beach, Donganbaba beach, Yesilova beach and Tabiat Park.  

Hoping to protect the Lake Salda area, the nation’s environmental authority has launched a huge national park project. The Salda Lake National Park is currently under construction and should be finished in 2023.

So why not go for a visit, take your swim stuff, a nice picnic and enjoy a day at the Turkish Maldives, you will not regret it.   

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