Five of Turkey’s Best Trekking Trails Steeped in History and Blessed with Stunning Nature

3 January 2022

Turkey is an amazing country with countless locations for trekking enthusiasts. Trekkers can experience unforgettable landscapes immersed in history, unmatched natural beauty and many ancient ruins.
In this blog we will cover just a few of these marvelous places with hidden and amazing experiences round every corner.

The Lycian Way is located in Fethiye and is a place where the sea meets the sky and the blues and greens meet with amazing history at every step.
The Lycian Way is among the top trekking routes not only in Turkey but in the whole world.
Mugla and Antalya are connected by this 509 kilometer stretch. The trail is one of the 10 longest trekking trails in the world. The Lycian Way features many ancient ruins from Lycian times, which is one of the oldest civilizations in Anatolia. It also has some unmatchable scenery with the sea meeting the sky.
The Lycian Way passes through Turkey’s most famous tourism destinations such as Oludeniz, Yedi Burunler, Patara, Kalkan, Kas and Kabak Beach plus many more.
You will discover hidden gems round every corner and discover history whilst enjoying stunning scenery and magnificent landscapes.

Cappadocia is a place that feels like another world. Volcanic activity took place millions of years ago and the Cappadocia region is one of Turkey’s most magical trekking trails with its deep valleys and fairy chimneys that were left behind after the volcanic activity. Over the millennia, many civilizations called this place their home.
Cappadocia is located in the Central Anatolian region of Turkey and spans across a vast area and many provinces.
It offers trekking routes through numerous valleys such as Ilhara, Soganli, Asikler, Guvercin, Kizilcukur, Kesisler, Zemi and Devrent.
Whilst trekking through Cappadocia, it’s also a great idea to explore and experience the underground cities, churches carved into rocks, the fairy chimneys and maybe even hop in an air balloon for a bird’s eye view of this fairytale destination.

Kazdaglari is another amazing trekking trail and is located in the Edremit district of Balikesir in the Northern Aegean Region. The Kazdaglari National Park has many trails that combine stunning nature and many mythological stories. There are many endemic plant species here as well as much ancient history. Apparently, Kazdaglari is the birthplace of Zeus and the place where he watched the Trojan War. It is also known as the site of history’s first beauty contest that featured Hera, Aphrodite and Athena.

Bafa Lake and Latmos is another wonderful trekking location located in the Besparmak Mountains in the Aegean Region. There are numerous trekking trails around ancient sites in the villages or around the lake. Bafa Lake is the most important water source of the area that has run through many civilizations.
The ancient path used today by villagers of Kapikiri connects the ancient cities of Myus and Alinda.
There are also many trails on the foothills of Latmos Mountain which is said by experts to be the most scenic route.

Another beautiful trekking trail is the Hittite Trail. It is located in Central Anatolia and connects millennia old Hittite cities such as Hattusas, Alacahoyuk and Sapinuva in Corum. The trails here range in lengths from 2 to 18 kilometers and six longer trails between 23 to 87 kilometers as well as six bicycle routes which are 32 to 103 kilometers. You can expect breathtaking views along the Koroglu Mountains. This trail is named after the Hittites who established their state in BCE 1600s and became a superpower of the era in upper Mesopotamia and Anatolia.

So if it’s trekking or hiking that’s your passion and you love nature, history and breathtaking scenery then Turkey is the place for you.

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