Can you imagine being at an altitude of 1700 meters, eating a meal in the clouds?

15 August 2022

Well, now you don’t have to imagine.
Just outside of Oludeniz, we have our breath-taking Babadag mountain, and it is an absolute must see. If you are visiting this region of Turkey, this should definitely be right at the top of your bucket list.
You are able to drive or even hike to the top of the mountain, although it is certainly not recommended. The hike would take you a full day to get there and back again. And the drive isn’t an easy one.
An alternate safer route is the now famous, cable car route. It takes 29 minutes to get to the peak of the mountain. The hour round trip will only set you back 170tl.
You can leave your car at the DAĞPARK which belongs to Babadağ Cable Car Facilities. Anyone can use this and it costs just 10tl per hour. The guests using Dağpark are transported to the Main Station free of charge with the shuttle vehicles waiting at the exit of the park.
The amazing DAĞPARK is something to see too! All the surrounding walls are decorated with the drawings of the World-Famous Graffiti Artist Serhat Polat. It is almost like an open-air exhibition area.
On the main road of Oludeniz is the station where there are 58 cable cars running up to the top of the mountain.
The first stop on the way to the peak of Babadağ mountain is station 1200. Here, there is an open-air theatre with concerts taking place regularly. This level of the mountain has a beautiful walking path surrounded by luscious green cedar trees.
You can then take the cable car 1.700 meters into the mountain where there is a café and this is also where the main paragliding launch pad is located. There are free toilet facilities on this level of the mountain and there is also a play area for your little ones.
If you want to go higher up into the mountain you can use the chair lift to the level 1800 metres up.
The mountain is currently home to 2 restaurants. A further 2 more restaurants are almost ready and will be opening very soon. There are plans in the woodwork for a lot more expansion. Many more restaurants and bars will be under construction in the near future.
There is one restaurant on each level of the mountain. The name of each restaurant indicating how high up in the mountain you are.
Firstly, we have the 1200 Anatolian Restaurant. Quoting the official company website. The most special recipes selected from all over Anatolia turn into a feast that will not be forgotten for a long time, with the unique interpretations of 1200 Rakım's master chefs. The appetizers specially prepared for Babadağ offer an experience like no other that you have tasted anywhere before.
Secondly, the most popular restaurant, is the 1700 Grill and Wine bar as it offers panoramic views of the unbelievable sights of Oludeniz. From the stunning Blue Lagoon, to the hundreds of paragliders soaring through the sky. On a clear and cloudless day, you can even see the Greek Island of Rhodes from the top of Babadağ Mountain.
Coming very soon is the 1800 Burger House and the 1900 Tapas and Tacos.
If you are wanting to eat at one of the restaurants make sure you book your reservation in advance, as it is very popular now. And ensure check the working hours on their website as the cable cars only run during certain times and certain months of the year.

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