BUTTERFLY VALLEY (Kelebekler Vadisi)

BUTTERFLY VALLEY (Kelebekler Vadisi)
15 January 2021

Butterfly valley is located in Fethiye, Turkey.

This valley is one of the most beautiful places in the surroundings of the Fethiye district situated at the foot of the magnificent Babadag Mountain, being 1975 metres high (6480 ft) this mountain towers over Oludeniz and was nominated for preservation as world heritage.

The valley is home to many butterfly species and a wide strip of beach which extends from the foot of the valley on the Turkish Riviera on the Mediterranean coast.

The water in this bay is crystal clear and has a stunning turquoise color. The name Butterfly Valley comes from the extraordinary and very beautiful Tiger butterfly which can mostly be seen in early June.

In the form of an amazing narrow canyon stretched over 3-4km, the valley’s steep walls are 350-400m high. A pathway in the valley takes you to two small waterfalls dropping from 200ft all year round. A coastal road from Oludeniz to Uzunyurt runs at the top of the rocks around the valley and has breathtaking views down to the beach.

The valley is rich in plant and flower species, a scientist recorded 147 flower species and 105 butterfly species from 15 families, native to the valley. They are best observed between June and September.

Due to its natural beauty the picturesque Butterfly Valley is a very important ecotourism attraction in Turkey and is accessible by a shuttle boat service from Oludeniz main beach. Designated a nature reserve as a protected area of first category on February 8th 1995, any type of construction in Butterfly Valley is strictly prohibited by law.

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