14 January 2021

The Refreshing Turkish beverage

Ayran, which is one of Turkey’s favorite beverages, is a mix of natural yogurt, water and salt. Yogurt diluted with water and a touch of salt produces the most amazing and refreshing flavor.

This wonderful Turkish drink serves as an ideal compliment to grilled meat dishes. Ayran not only accompanies any meal, but is drunk as a refreshing drink by itself especially during the summer months. It is a simple and very healthy cold drink.

Ayran is one of the fundamental drinks of Turkish culture dating back to central Asia. Ayran was developed thousands of years ago by the Gokturks who would dilute bitter yogurt with water in an attempt to improve its flavor. Today, the popularity of ayran in Turkey is ubiquitous and it can be found at most fast food restaurants.

Ayran’s thickness varies in different regions of Turkey, and there are several well known variations of ayran, Susurluk ayran, Yayik ayran, Otlu ayran and Sodali ayran.

Ayran is also good for health because it’s packed with electrolytes and is useful against dehydration. It’s a quick and easy way to refill your body’s depleted stores of nutrients and minerals. Ayran is also considered to be an excellent source of beneficial bacteria necessary to a well functioning digestive system and is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D.

So if you find yourself walking all day in the summer heat and have perspired profusely, consider drinking a glass of this delicious Turkish drink.

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