7 December 2020

1. Çıralı Beach                                                                                                                               Çıralı has one of the most stunning secluded beaches on the Mediterranean coast and, like Olympos, is the site of ancient Hellenic ruins and historic sites. This beach is truly a nature lover’s paradise with crystal clear waters.

2. Olympos Beach                                                                                                                    Located in the southern holiday region of Antalya, Olympos Beach is probably one of the most well-known beaches in Turkey. Generally preferred by younger couples and teenagers, Olympos is situated near Mount Olympos, dotted with ancient sites along old roads, greenery and natural wonders. The beach itself is a sandy beach and is separated from Cirali beach by a stream.

3. Adrasan Beach
Priceless landscapes which paint the backdrop of Kemer’s historic wonders and quaint beaches, Adrasan Beach is one of Antalya’s hidden treasures and offers a quiet escape from the busy city life.

4. Konyaaltı Beach
Konyaaltı Beach is located near the city center of Antalya. Free and open to the public, this beach is busy with visitors through the end of October when you can see people swimming and sunbathing on Konyaaltı Beach. If you have to stay in the city center, Konyaaltı Beach is a good option where you can enjoy the Mediterranean Sea.

5. Lara Beach
Lara Beach is another blue-flagged beach in Antalya. Since it is close to the city center, it is one of the most preferred beaches among local and international tourists. What makes Lara Beach so popular is not only its clear waters and golden sands but also its beautiful sandcastle exhibition where you can see amazing sculptures made of the pure white grains of sand.

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