Antalya’s excavation, Best finds this year

Antalya’s excavation, Best finds this year
3 February 2021

Summer excavations have ended in the Myra-Andriake ancient site in the Southern province of Antalya’s Demre district, with the most important finds this year. Hellenistic-era structures, architectural remains and structures were found. These finds included large amounts of earth ware, terracotta figures, ceramic pots, lamps, silver and coins. The figurines are the most important finds this year.

On this excavation, ten academics, seven doctoral students, four archaeologists and five archaeology students from Akdeniz, Istanbul and Koc universities along with ten workers had participated.                                                                                           The three month excavations saw the lower rooms of the stage building of the Myra Ancient City theatre cleared revealing four metres of the orchestra section. The Hellenistic-era layers were revealed answering much of the anticipated question of how times were in the Hellenistic times.

Many structures and objects were found scattered around the site. These objects were from the end of the 4th century and the beginning of 1st century.

These terracotta figurines are the most important finds of the year. It’s the first time that a rich collection has been found together. There are many figurines depicting normal life such as men, women and children but there are also figurines of goddesses such as Leto, Artemis and Heracles.

The excavations carried out in the Myra Ancient City Theatre this summer have given one of the most important gifts of the year to Anatolian archaeology. The conservation and restoration works of the site will continue for two months in the autumn period.

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