10 Facts about Istanbul

10 Facts about Istanbul
20 January 2021
  • Istanbul is the only city to span over two continents Asia and Europe.
  • Istanbul is often considered the capital of Turkey but this is not true. The capital of Turkey is in fact Ankara.
  • Istanbul is home to the highest number of Mosques in the world, exceeding 3000 to this current day.
  • The 3rd oldest subway in the world is found in Istanbul and its 573 meters in length.
  • Istanbul’s population is 15,190,000! That’s an increase of 1.48 percent from 2019.
  • In 1502 Istanbul was known to be the most crowded city on earth.
  • The famous novel written by Agatha Christie ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ was said to have been written whilst she was staying in The Pera Palace Hotel. Her room was 411. The room has been well preserved with portraits of the author displayed inside.
  • Istanbul has never hosted the Olympics
  • Istanbul had over 1400 toilets for public use, when the rest of Europe had none!
  • The Galata Tower that dates back to 1348 now offers a 360 degree view of the city but was originally called the tower of Christ and was used to house prisoners of War.

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